PSG Warranty Terms

PSG prescription safety glasses Warranty

All PSG products are warranted for 12 months from date of manufacture against any fault in materials or workmanship, and guaranteed to provide the level of protection as at the date of manufacture for no less than that 12 month period. Any defective parts will be exchanged new and continued to be covered under this warranty.

Laboratory Warranties

1 Year Quality Guarantee on all Lenses

PSG proudly supplies Essilor lenses. All of our lenses are made to the highest quality materials currenlty available on the market. We guarantee that they will be free from any inclusions, and that they will not warp, chip or discolour. If they do, we will replace them with new lenses that will continue to be covered under this warranty.

1 Year Quality Guarantee on all Lens Coatings

Your lenses will come standard with a coating that is designed to make your lenses more durable. We only supply the most advanced and reliable coatings available on the market and guarantee your lens coatings from crazing, pealing or discolouring. If they do, we will replace your lenses with new lenses that will continue to be covered under this warranty

3 month Spectacle Prescription Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your prescription changes within 3 months of purchase, PSG will update any current PSG safety with your updated script at no cost to you.

Progressive Lens Adaptation Warranty

Our 3 months Progressive Lens Adaption Warranty covers all Progressive Lenses supplied by PSG against nonadaptation. Should your patient not adapt to any of these lenses, we will supply replacement lenses at no additional charge.

The warranty operates within the following conditions:

      1. There has been no change to the prescription, lens material or treatments.
      2. There have been no errors in the dispensing of the lenses.
      3. The replacement lenses used to replace warranty exchange must be from PSG’s current product range.
      4. Replacement lenses will be invoiced. Credit will then be issued on the lower priced lenses, whether original or replacement, upon receipt of the returned original lenses.

PSG recommend initial fitting be done using distance monocular pupillary distances.PSG recommend these measurements are taken using a Pupilometer and Height Measuring Tool, both available from your local laboratory.

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